Professional Workplace Dilemma Paper

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  • Published : March 6, 2011
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Professional Workplace Dilemma Paper
Over the course of the past 2 to 3 years while attending University of Phoenix, I have been faced with a variety of dilemma and values conflicts. Some of these conflicts occurred in the workplace and some in the school environment. This paper will focus on a specific scenario that occurred while employed at a small privately owned vocational business school in Burbank, California. While working for this school I filled many roles, but in this particular scenario my role was Director of Education. This school primarily served students going through the Vocational Rehabilitation process under the Workers Compensation system. Although the types and personality of students widely varied, the environment for the most part was harmonious. In this instance, we had a student, Bob, who was unhappy with his teachers. During his course at the school, Bob had told us many stories about his history. One story was that he was a CIA agent and the government would not even admit he existed. Another was that he was some sort of military expert in the Vietnam War. The stories just went on and on. Obviously we were aware that we were dealing with someone who wasn’t completely with it, but so far we had no problems with him and he was doing anything wrong so we just continued to teach him how to use the computer and listen to his stories. One morning Bob approached me and asked if we could meet to discuss his problems with the instructors. I immediately scheduled a time to meet with him so we could sit down and talk. During the meeting Bob express dissatisfaction with the instructors rules. As we talked I realized that the rules he had an issue with were, in reality, the school’s policies and procedures with respect to attendance and grading. His contention was that the instructors were discriminating against him because he was a Veteran. After much discussion with Bob, his Vocational Rehabilitation...
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