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The term professional is one of the most exalted in the English language denoting as it does long and arduous years of preparation a striving for excellence a dedication to The public interest and moral and ethical values. The service to the public as a professional turns out to be dedicated and committed only when moral, ethical religious values serve our bedrock foundation. The same moral, ethical and religious convictions inspire us to embrace continuing professional education. The teaching is the highest profession; it is because teaching is calling. The mission is to preparing the youth and nurtures the children for the future life. Teaching is not a job it is more than a job. It is a mission to carry out. Teacher are called not only to instruct pupils the subjects but to be a good influence them. In addition, professionalism remains one of the most influential attributes of education today. The teacher professionalism contains three essential characteristics, competence, performance and conduct which reflect the educator’s goals, abilities and standard and directly impact the effectiveness of teaching through the development of the students.

The Professional teacher is the licensed professional who possesses dignity and reputation with high moral values as well as technical and professional competence he or she adheres to observes and practices a set of ethical and moral principles, standards and values (Code of Ethics of professional teacher 1997).Professionalism is highly treasured in the teaching profession. The teacher is adjudge professional if they are knowledgeable, skilled and value laden. Dedication to the job of teaching is the true essence of professionalism. A professional teacher perceived himself/herself as someone who can affect change of learning because he or she is an expert in what he or she subject matter knowledge and how he or she teaches (Principles of teaching 1).   Teacher professionalism has relevant significance in education in that it affects the role of the teacher and his or her pedagogy, which in return affects the student’s ability to learn effectively.  It can be defined as the ability to reach students in a meaningful way, developing innovative approaches to mandated content while motivating, engaging, and inspiring young adult minds to prepare for ever-advancing technology

II The Personal Attribute of Professional Teachers
A professional teacher needs to be confident without arrogant and preparation is another crucial requirements of professionalism. A teacher refers to a person responsible in imparting lessons, guiding, instructing and training a person or group of students in a particular academic knowledge or skill. Being a teacher is a professional occupation usually employed in formal schools and institutions. Some colleges and universities require teachers who have professional qualification. Teaching is a difficult job. It requires utter dedication and selflessness to be able to impart your learning to the students. It not only deals with academic knowledge alone. Being very knowledgeable will not immediately qualify as a good teacher. What is more important is the attitude and the skill of being able to transfer the lessons effectively to the students. It is a gift. A teacher will be dealing with many students of different personalities. Some will be like a sponge who grasps the main ideas very easily. Other students will require more patience as they would find it more difficult to understand the subject matter. As a teacher, it is his role to take care of all of these students, making sure no one is left behind. Personality is the sum of ones personal characteristics. The teachers more than any other professional are momentarily subjected to scrutiny to the minutes detail and observation by those they associated with. Teacher’s personality must be natural and genuine that is devoid of pretense and...
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