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Professional Sports Rewarding Behaviour and Propessional for the Same

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Professional Sports Rewarding Behaviour and Propessional for the Same

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Professional Sports: Rewarding and Punishing the Same Behavior? Random drug testing represents the ‘variable-interval’ type of reinforcement schedule. This type of reinforcement schedule is unpredictable and therefore may occur without warning or announcement. The variable-internal type of reinforcement schedule typically has a higher success rate in comparison to the ‘fixed-interval’ type of reinforcement schedule. The fixed-internal schedule operates on uniform time intervals that are equally spaced out and known before-hand. Because there is a strong correlation between performance and reward, the variable-interval schedules produce a higher response rate. In this case, the baseball players are more alert to the possibility of the drug-testing because of the uncertainty involved. A stronger chance exists of them getting caught when they do not know when the tests are going to occur. If the drug-testing policy was on a fixed-interval, they would know when to expect the testing and may take necessary precautions to eliminate testing positive.

This particular case exemplifies a situation where behaviors are rewarded my management but are ultimately detrimental to the organization as a whole. These baseball players are using any means necessary to increase their performance level. The increased performance level is most desired by management as that quality elevates the teams standing over their competition and increases their profit. The question of the negative overall impact on the team comes into play when it is realized that these players are using steroids to achieve this end result. Ultimately, they are discrediting the entire team and losing the trust and loyalty of their fans. As a manager, I would avoid the situation by reinforcing the principles in which the game was founded upon. Any violators who knowingly and willfully participated in any act that was harmful to the image and standing of the team would be subject to disciplinary action.

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