Professional Sports and Black Athletes

Topics: Professional sports, Henry Louis Gates, Sportsperson Pages: 1 (431 words) Published: November 9, 2010
“Delusion of Grandeur”
In this informative essay “Delusion of Grandeur” by Henry Louis Gates Jr., Currently Gates is the Bois Professor of the Humanities at Harvard. He has published “Delusion of Grandeur” in a publication, for Sports Illustrated in 1991. In an attempt to awaken the black youth, from their dreams of becoming a “sport star”. He feels that they should focus on a more realistic chance of success. The author believes that African-American youngster has about as much chance of becoming a professional athlete as he or she does of winning the lottery. I feel this essay was written to inform the reader about the facts on what are the chances of an African-American becoming an athlete, over a lawyer, dentist, or a doctor. Also, to persuade them to think beyond the fame and money that comes with becoming a professional athlete. The definition of “Delusion” is a false belief or opinion. In this essay the author is state facts that African-American kids have a delusion that they are going to be the next Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson. Therefore, they need to try as hard as they do out on the court or field, in the classroom. I feel that a big percentage of kid’s feel that if they are good in sports that is all they need to be successful. That D’s or F’s in a class are ok, because they have their athletic ability to fall back on. Here are some facts that Gates gave in his essay; there are 1,200 black professional athletes in the U.S, there are 12 times more black lawyers than black athletes, there are 2 ½ times more black dentist than black athletes, there are 15 times more black doctors then black athletes. Another fact is that most, young athletes are ill served especially, African Americans, if they are good at a sport they are just passed on from grade to grade. With leaving a huge percentage that are functionally illiterate, and we should not be surprised that 26% of black athletes at a college level earn their degrees.

My opinion is that there are a...
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