Professional Socialization

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Professional Socialization|
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What is Professional Socialization? Professional Socialization is defined as the process by which individuals acquire the specialized knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, norms and interest needed to perform their professional roles acceptably( Maclntrye, Murray, & Teel, 2009). There is formal and informal socialization. Formal socialization involves planned experiences, such as performing physical assessments, developing nursing diagnoses, and client teaching. Informal socialization involves lessons learned incidentally while functioning as a nurse. Professional Socialization is a learning process. Ways to take responsibility for my own Professional Socialization. In order to separate my thinking process from task oriented nursing and move toward decision-making and problem oriented patient care, I will need to visualize myself as a nurse who is capable of taking patient care as far as possible in nursing. I also know that I should not limit myself to providing basic care and seeking help from other Registered Nurses. I need to realize that my professional socialization as a nurse includes formal lessons, informal types of learning and a change in the way I view myself. I believe that my self-image, role concept, attitude, values and personality play an active part in professional socialization and can be improved. I chose self-image because it is very important in the nursing field. It influences my behavior in the nursing field. How I view myself is how others will view me as well. One significant way of improving myself image may be to improve the way I...
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