Professional Selling Questions

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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L.A Creative

1) Do you currently sell any laundry detergents in you convenience store?
-Yes we have some
2) Are there any issues with this sector?
-Yes, people buy it very seldom, because they tend to purchase laundry detergents at the bigger stores, such as Canadian Tire
3) What is the impact of that?
-The invertible turnover is really slow, because there are not much sales in this sector
4) If we could offer you an instant stain remover that people can use on the go would you like to hear about it?
-For sure!

1) Do you carry any laundry detergents currently?
-No we do not
2) What is the problem with this sector? Why don't you sell these products?
-We used to have them, but there were not enough customers.
3) How did it affect your business?
-At these time sales were down by 20%
4) Would you be interested in hearing about a new laundry detergent that can attract a big market of customers, because of its convenience?

1) Are there any laundry detergents in your store?
-No there aren’t any
2) What is the problem with these products that you decided to illuminate it from your product variety?
-They take too much space on the shelves and the size of my store is small
3) So we understand that your business depends on the size of the product, but how exactly does the product size affect your sales?
-It usually doesn't pay off the price of storage and rent if the sales are not high enough
4) Would you be interested in hearing about our new instant stain remover that is the size of a pen and very convenient to use on the go? -Yes, definitely.
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