Professional Responsibility

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DQ2: Professional Responsibility
As a computer professional, the responsibilities we have to the society has gotten to a level that it affects every aspect of human life and this has made it to be something that should be taking very seriously. Computing technology has evolved across all works of life medical, manufacturing, agriculture, education amongst others. And it has affected almost every human being on the face of the earth one way or the other and has also reshaped the way of life of humans. For example a mobile phone has an unlimited functionality aided by the use of applications and access to the internet which can be used for virtually everything. Below are four categories of responsibilities of a computer professional to both the members of the IT profession and the society (Loui and Miller 2007). I. Responsibilities to Clients and Users

II. Responsibilities to Other Professionals
III. Responsibilities to Employers
IV. Responsibilities to the Public

I. Responsibilities to Clients and Users
This evolving technological growth cannot be left only in the hands of clients and users only. That is, after development the computer professionals still has a lot to do in aiding users in issues that are related to ethical, legal and social which is being included in curriculum of engineering courses in most schools (Adams and McCrindle 2008). For example a computer professional that works as an employee or as a consultant is expected to perform assigned tasks competently according to professional standards which include attention to details, attention to technical excellence and the need to take cognisance to the social effects of computers on the users and the operator. In accessing the capabilities and risks of a computer system the computer professional must be truthful and honest in his opinion i.e. report research and findings honestly and accurately, when designing a new solution the professional must consider both the...
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