Professional Responsibilities

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Educational philosophy Pages: 9 (3088 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Professional Responsibilities
Emma Brown-Jessie
Grand Canyon University
TCH – 531
February 17, 2013


Domain I
As a high school educator I am always trying to find new and innovative ways to improve my instructional style and student learning at all levels. Being able to retain, recall and transfer information effectively is important to me as a Career and Technology Education teacher. Making sure that I keep up with the latest instructional materials and equipment to enhance and engage students learning is a constant. Organization and Time Management are the areas in which I am strong. The Self-Assessment has also confirmed that I need improvements in the area of involving students in the designing the lessons. Having student input and feedback on what they learn and how it relates to all students is vital to journey as an effective teacher. Demographics in our school district have changed over the past seven years. Making sure that I plan lessons for such a diverse group of students has my undivided attention. It is my desire to plan lessons that is conducive to all level of learners and their academic success. Teaching high school keeps me busy planning lessons and facilitating my class. It has been through staff development training, my mentor and the help of other co-workers who introduced me to different programs filled with interesting business activities to enhance my instructional strategies. This has been essential in assisting me to accomplish my daily classroom routine. Two years of experience as a high school Instructional Technology teacher is an asset to my Masters’ journey. Being able to witness young learners demonstrates their creative skills and knowledge through the advancement of technology keeps me learning. However, the use of the internet and other technical programs will prepare them for future careers to become productive citizens in society. Domain 2 Classroom Environment

Creating an environment of respect and rapport in my classroom with my students was done by getting to know each one likes and dislikes. Everyday, I make sure that I speak to my students in the right tone of voice. Listening to what they have to say without judging them, gives me the opportunity to learn something about their beliefs and values. It takes time to build respect and have a good rapport with your students. In my classroom, I have set high expectations for all level of learners. I teach my students to never say “I can’t” because we are solution finders. Establishing a culture for learning is vital to my personal instructional abilities and students’ academic success. Students’ work is displayed in the back of the room. I encourage my students to support classmates and peers who participate in extracurricular activities. Managing classroom procedures has been better this year for me because I learn so much my first year facilitating my own class. I placed a table in front of the room with and in basket and pick up basket for all classes. As students enter they place they due assignments in their designated basket and pick up today’s lecture information. Managing student behavior is much easier because classroom rules and expectations were handed out the first week of school. Each student had to take them home and get their parents signature stating that they have read them and understand what behavior was expected. As the teacher, I make sure that I model expected behavior toward my students. My classroom is organized to fit the needs of all learners. Students have adequate space, technical equipment, and other resources which is conducive to meet academic goals in the classroom. Domain 3 Instruction

Engaging students in the learning process must be done through effective communication. In my classroom, I intentionally give clear directions and procedures by writing them out and going over them with my students. Students are given an...
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