Professional Regulations and Criminal Liability in Nursing

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  • Published : September 4, 2011
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Professional Regulations and Criminal Liability in Nursing
In every state, there are medical professionals on a regulation or committee board. I will be discussing some vital issues that are pretentious by regulation of the health professional in the state of Arizona. The issues that will be discussed are relevant to nursing, process of civil complaints, the role the regulatory agency has in the investigation of civil complaints, the determination of criminal liability and what processes are involved while filing criminal charges. All of these issues have a process that is used among them. The first aspect that I am discussing is the civil complaint process. In the medical profession, there are various state boards that get administered in health- related professional in the state of Arizona. The different state boards are: the board of Behavioral Science, Medical board of Arizona, Dental board of Arizona, Board of Registered Nursing, and the Physical Therapy board. These boards have very specific reasons for being set into place. Their responsibilities include monitoring regulations associated to the health professions and making sure all the staff has their license. If a complaint comes through the board against a certain staff member, it is looked at closely. This board is here to deal with the complaints and is significant when dealing with the acceptance and process of the civil complaint. There are many reasons that a grievance could be filed and if a license professional has done something illegal, there should be an affirmative action taken immediately. If a complaint is filed against one of the nursing staff members, a complaint forms ahs to be filled out at one of the board offices. The complaint then gets submitted to the Board of Registered Nursing for an extensive examination. If deemed necessary, action could be taken against the nurse and a formal complaint filed for an investigation to be launched. There are rules and regulations to be...
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