Professional Moral Compass

Topics: Nursing, Ethics, Morality Pages: 4 (1237 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Running head: Professional Moral Compass

Professional Moral Compass
Erewarifagha M. Haidome
Grand Canyon University
Ethical Decision Making in Health Care
NRS 437V-0102
February23, 2013

Professional Moral Compass Every profession has moral guide which they refer to as ethics and so is nursing. It involves values governing relationships between the nurse and patient, the patient's family, other members of the health professions, and the general public. The American Nurses Association (ANA), 2001, considers Code of Ethics as the support for ethical practice and moral stance in nursing. Moral compass is a major element in ethical decision making and practice declared by ANA, 2001. It is used by nurses as a guide when caring for patients .Factors of moral compass are unique and carry particular lay down standards. They are spiritual, cultural and personal values which contribute to the author’s worldview and philosophy of nursing. This influences nursing care and generates professional moral compass(PMC). Profession is a passion requiring expert knowledge;a frequently long and thorough academic training.Moral pertains to the main beliefs of right and wrong behavior; while compass is a magnetic instrument with needles used for showing a direction(Merriam Webster,2012) .From the definition of these words one can understand that professional moral compass involves professional principles of right and wrong which guides daily interaction.Nurses professional moral compass will be further discussed in this paper.Therefore,for a nurse to effectively practice, personal, spiritual and cultural values should be considered. These factors will positively or negatively influence professional conduct of nurses. Values Values are an essential part of an individual. It is a standard that has an important effect as...
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