Professional Liability

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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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Professional Liability
Have you ever wondered if the doctor’s office you visit is keeping your information secure? Are you receiving adequate healthcare from healthcare professionals? Have you ever questioned if you received the right treatment for your procedure? Let’s look at the factors that play into negligence in the working environment for medical professionals. Over the years, negligence has been a vast problem or issue for general hospitals, private practices, outpatient facilities, clinics, family doctor offices, and skilled nursing homes. When dealing with negligence in a professional setting many people can be affective by the errors made by: License Nurses, Medical Assistants, Certified Nursing Assistants, Dietary Specialist, Physical Therapy, Hospital Staff, and Technicians. Similarly, physicians or other healthcare professional can be accused of negligence if the patient or family members is not satisfied with their care, treatment or procedures. At the same time, the healthcare system is designed to help citizens have access to medical benefits, treatment, procedures, prescription, and access to primary care physicians. Despite, some exceptions, all citizens are eligible for health coverage regardless of medical history, personal income, or their living arrangements. Needless to say; the demand of healthcare services is constantly growing, while the economy resources for healthcare are diminishing. For that reason, I believe that organization can proactively prevent or avoid negligence and malpractice by becoming aware of the signs associated with neglect and finding the solution to the problem.

There are many factors that contribute to negligence in a medical work place. For instance, negligence is considered an unintentional action, which occurs when a medical professional “either performs or fails to perform an action that a reasonable person would or would not have committed in a similar situation” (Fremgen, 2009 p. 120)....
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