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  • Published : August 27, 2011
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EDP136 Mathematics Education
Assessment 1: Professional Learning Report Week 4 Submission

Topics 1 and 2
Section 1:
Identify, describe and apply effective teaching strategies for teaching mathematics.

Section 2:

Like so many things in life, the methods of teaching have also evolved. Traditionally, teachers instructed students in the course material rather than encourage students to be constructive and think for themselves. The readings in the allocated text suggest a teaching and learning strategy or method known as, ‘constructivism.’ This method has proven to be most successful to impart knowledge to children in the learning environment (Fetherston, 2006, pp. 151-174).

The constructivist teacher acts as a mediator or a coach who assists students to develop and assess their own understanding and learning. Constructivism has been shown to have various benefits, including ownership of learning, the ability to transfer learned constructivist principles to other situations, and the promotion of social and communication skills (Wilson, 2004).

After analysing the selected readings, one may strongly agree that mathematics is like learning another language. There is such a broad vocabulary of specific terms, number formulas, times-tables and volume and area equations. With effective and accessible assistance, students will be able to learn the challenging and puzzling subject in a more enjoyable and timely manner. Students learn and become familiarized with the mathematical language through discussion, which will assist them develop a deeper understanding, analysis and express ideas and adapt to new ways of thinking (Booker et al, 2010). It is critical for students to understand the importance of the mathematical language as this will support teachers in assisting students come to terms with new mathematical concepts.

Section 3:

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