Professional Interviews

Topics: Psychology, Clinical psychology, Psychiatry Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Professional Interviews

Socorro Contreras

Psy/480 Elements of Clinical Psychology

March 18, 2013

Dr. Carla Wright

Professional Interviews

Clinical psychology is a broad ranged profession but the main focus is based on assessment, prevention, and treatment of mental disorders. Two interviews were obtained so that a comparison can be made between a clinical psychologist and a clinical therapist and the roles both professionals play in mental health. Some special areas are child, adult mental health, substance abuse, and abnormal emotional disturbances (Cherry, 2013). Therapists are just as important in the treatment of clients. The role in which a therapist plays is counseling one person or a group mostly in psychological or emotional issue. A clinical therapist uses tools to obtain information, such as a questionnaire. It is used to implement treatment. The main role of a clinical therapist is to modify behavior, for example stress by managing stress with relaxation (Dot-Job-Description, 2012). Interview with Dr. Steibe-Pasalich, PhD

Dr. Steibe-Pasalich is a director of the counseling center at University of Norte Dame. She has been practicing for since 1978. Dr. Steibe-Pasalich’s area is individual, and group counseling, also outreach, and crisis intervention. Dr. Steibe-Pasalich also counsels faculty and family members. His specialty area is providing intake and emergency services to the students. She oversees internship programs and supervises unlicensed practioners. She also functions as the chief psychologist. Dr. Steibe-Pasalich does not hold any other special certifications but she has the knowledge to...
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