Professional Experience Paper

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  • Published : November 19, 2010
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Professional Experience Paper

Secondary Education Teachers
Amber Martin
Grand Canyon University
UNV 303
October 24, 2010

Secondary Education Teachers
Secondary Education is a career choice that comes with great rewards. Whether the rewards be helping a student in need or developing prospective teachers, secondary educators play a major role in changing the lives of today’s youth. This is something any teacher today can take pride in; however, this type of responsibility can also place a heavy burden on educators in the present day. Teaching, especially in secondary education, can every now and then pose as a challenge if someone does not become familiar with all the pros and cons of the position. Before deciding on a line of business in Secondary Education, one must come to figure out the nature of the work involved. In addition, they should know the impending obstacles they may stand in front of and really identify what it is that initiates their fascination in teaching. As mentioned before, before pursuing a career in any field it is important to know the duties and responsibilities involved. In general, secondary educators help develop critical thinking skills and place more emphasis on a particular subject such as math. They are also responsible for organizing class activities and even extracurricular activities (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010-11). In my interview with Emily Lawrence, a high school math teacher, I learned a little about her day to day tasks. Lawrence begins each class with what she calls a “warm up” to get their minds ready for the day. She furthermore mentioned that she occasionally permits them to watch the CBS series, “Numb3rs,” given that it relates to math. Lawrence said, [I] ask them to explain how math was used to solve the crime and if there were any holes in their logic? I do this to change up the scenery so they are not just listening to me talk all day which I’m sure can be boring sometimes. Lawrence, like many...
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