Professional Ethics

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Running head: Professional Ethics and Values

Professional Ethics and Values
Every day we make judgments about the things around us, often without giving conscious thought as we perceive something the way we do. It is often our values and ethics that cause us to assess and respond to things as desirable or undesirable, good or bad. According to The Encyclopedia of Psychology (Corsini ed. 1994 p.), a value is “an enduring belief that a specific principle, standard or quality is regarded as worthwhile or desirable.” The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Ethics, para. 1) states ethics involves systematizing, defending, and recommending some concepts of right or wrong behavior. While values and ethics are similar, there is a difference. For example, love of freedom is a value, while debating the complexities of capital punishment is an ethical belief. When dealing with professional ethics and values, it is imperative to understand the key to success of any organization should encompass integrity, professionalism, and teamwork. The ethical leader has the responsibility and authority to ensure that ethical behavior is upheld throughout the organization. Most organizations have established a ethical code of conduct to reinforce to its members to remain professional and maintain integrity at all times. An ethical person has good judgment and good character. It is just not enough to be just a good person; one must also exhibit values that are critical and basic motivating beliefs that reflect the goals and ideals that are important.

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