Professional Ethics

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What is a Profession?

Occupation or work becomes a profession when individuals share the same or smilar job in an ethically acceptable way. Also work becomes a profession when individuals work to support a right ideal and when employees or members of an organization set and follow special standards for carrying on their occupational work. These special standards are morally binding to “professed” members of the profession. If a member freely takes a decision to be part of a profession, he or she is voluntarily implying that she will follow these special moral codes.

What is Ethics?

Ethics are set of values, principles, ideologies and morals followed in the most appropriate way by an individual. It is theses ethics that differentiates right from wrong, which allows to take good decisions and reject unacceptable behaviors. These Ethics are individual ethics. And the so called ethical behavior vary from individual to individual.

What is professional Ethics?

Individual Ethics differ from Professional Ethics. Professional Ethics is set of set of moral values and principals which are developed to control performance of a job done by group of people. These ethics are changed into rules and values based on society’s culture. It also helps to decide how much can be loosen and to what extend to control. Professional ethics shapes organizations cultre and establish an environment where its employees and stakeholders are valued. Taking professional and ethical decisions was not easy always.

There are many professional groups in an organization and many in the society as well. Ethical standards developed by each of these groups differ from each other. For example, ethical standards or rules developed for doctors, lawyers, teachers and accounts would be different from each other. And there are some groups where professionals can be expelled from practicing if the professional standards are breached by them. For examples, if a doctor...
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