Professional Employer Organization

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Professional Employer Organization (PEO) / Employer Leasing
What is a PEO and how can it assist a trucking company? A PEO is a professional Employer Organization that will allow a trucking company to focus on their core business - trucking ... A concept that meets the personnel management demands of the millennium and beyond! Already accepted by - and an integral part of - thousands of companies in the United States, Canada and overseas, a PEO is an idea whose time has come. Personnel management and payroll processing, benefits procurement and administration...the total human resources responsibility can now be alleviated...physically removed from your premises and handled by an off-site team of specialists. You and your management team save: * Time

* Aggravation
* Overhead
* Cash flow
A PEO Program can also reduce such direct costs as:
* Worker's Compensation
* Unemployment Insurance
* Health Benefits
If you are like the owners/managers of many trucking businesses, you are already leasing office, production and/or warehouse space, operating and/or leasing office equipment and vehicles of various types. For many of the same reasons you initiate these leases, it is now time to consider Employee Leasing! THE SOLUTION TO YOUR PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION PROBLEMS

Ahern & Associates, Ltd. is an independent transportation consulting firm with expertise in Professional Employer Organizations. The management and staff of Ahern & Associates, Ltd. have substantial experience in a wide range of programs. Established in 1987, Ahern has pioneered in the introduction of Professional Employer Programs (PEO) to the owners of a wide variety of transportation businesses throughout the country. We specialize in the application of PEO concepts to the trucking industry. We understand the concerns of the entrepreneurial owner/manager...analyze their operations and are able to thoughtfully recommend the program and procedures that will enhance the special owner/worker relationship necessary for continuing success. Ahern & Associates, Ltd. represents a leading national Employer Administrator company. We have selected a PEO whose capabilities, coverage and experience are the best match for our clients and we jointly "custom build" the right program to meet each customer’s specific needs. HOW DOES A PEO ACTUALLY WORK?

The PEO Administrator Company "hires" your current employees, becoming their administrative and W-2 employer. YOU REMAIN THE SUPERVISORY/MANAGER OF THEIR DAY-TO-DAY ACTIVITIES. You do not lose control. The PEO Leasing Administrator manages your complete payroll and tax obligation, provides a variety of cost effective Employee Benefit Plans, including Worker's Compensation, and offers an optional choice of personnel services that include: * Medical & Dental Benefits

* Pension & Disability Coverage
* Human Resource Management
* Section 125 Cafeteria Program
* 401(k) Plan
* Recreational/Vacation Packages
These services are also referred to as "Employee Out-sourcing." In simplistic terms, the PEO firm essentially hires the employees of a particular business; issuing the paychecks and handling all benefit claims, taxes, and other paperwork for a set fee. The PEO firm also handles all employee-related issues including wage garnishments, EEOC, NLRB, DOL, and any other federal and state agency related issues. A PEO Program does not disrupt your normal daily business routine. In fact, it will allow you to focus on your trucking business and grow your operations. You never need to worry about payroll preparation, tax deposits, quarterly and annual tax reporting or insurance premium payments. The time you previously spent on personnel administration, payroll and the negotiation of employee benefits, Worker's Compensation Plans, etc. can now be devoted to generating...
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