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0.0 PDP planning section
0.1 Professional development plan
0.2 Professional development action plan
1.0 professional development progress towards target section 2 1.1 Introduction
2.0 Skill of approach to problem situations
3.0 Skill of evaluating relevant points
4.0 Skill of time management
5.0 Skill of identifying problems
6.0 Skill of verbal communication
7.0 Skill of influencing peers
8.0 Skill of planning work
9.0 Appendixes
(0.0)PDP planning section 1

My role within the workplace

My primary role within the organization is as a shop assistant at Asda there are lots of various roles that require core skills to be able to do fulfil the job sufficiently. I have other side roles within my occupation other than my primary role as our organization operates a job enlargement system of human resource management so therefore I am trained on other areas of the organization aside of my primary job description. The skills I already process will be highlighted in the following SWOT analysis, it will also highlight areas that I have discovered that are of weakness currently also

Identifying a problem

The problem I have identified was a problem at work that occurred earlier in the year. The problem was that there was no policy regarding the allocation of available overtime; it was just made available on a board on a Saturday morning and was up to anyone to pick up as many/few shifts as they pleased. This led to a problem I identified, which was that for people that were not contracted to Saturdays were at a disadvantage regarding the shifts that they could pick up, weather this be amount of shifts or certain days etc. From this I came to the conclusion that I would form a problem solving analysis upon this problem. The analysis I found most simple and useful was a SWOT analysis.


My strengths in approaching this problem were;
I managed to identify that there was an issue and was causing slight friction within the workplace and more specifically our department •I realized that I could have skills to assist in resolving this problem •The strengths I could adapt to this situation are the ability to be articulate and speak to people in an appropriate manner •Another strength I have is to be able to explain things to people individually in a appropriate way they can understand •After evaluating my reflective practice I discovered that I was very strong at taking full responsibility for my actions for if a project fails, this would be an appropriate strength as posting and implementing new ideas at work can go wrong and it is right to accept this and reflect upon it by taking the positives and working on the areas that did not go so well


My skills weaknesses in approaching this problem were;
My active approach to learning often hinders me from being pragmatic and reflective regarding input from others in work or problem solving situations •Another weakness of mine is my ability to evaluate practical points in order to make the most relevant points get across to becoming action •The time it takes me to notice problems of this nature is often quite a large time scale •Another weakness of mine is time spending to find relevant links between different things, this is relevant because problems can be spotted earlier if problems between links on projects are spotted and addressed early which limits their overall negative impact in an area of work, this weakness links with the earlier one of evaluating practical points

However the opportunities that finding this problem were initially that it made the managers think of an alternative to the current operations of overtime allocation •It revealed personnel opportunities for myself that showed I have skills to find problems and niggles •Skills such as problem finding, conversational and interpersonal skills in order to communicate the problem to the right people, identifying a possible solution...
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