Professional Critique of Bus Stop by William Inge

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Bus Stop
By William Inge
Directed by David Schweizer

Bus Stop written by the playwright William Inge was performed on Tuesday December 4th at Centerstage, the State Theatre of Maryland. The production explained the transformation and change of the characters throughout the show. Directed by David Schweizer, all the elements of the production came together to form the concept of transformation.

The production of Bus Stop grasps the relevance of individuals finding themselves. Not only does the physically abusive cowboy find himself, but the young café waitress finds herself through the fragility of the human heart that lies deep within the characters. These characters continue living and moving forward in their feisty, courageous and uncomplaining manners. I believe the playwright, William Inge, created this script to be inspired by the world we live in and the actions of one finding himself.

Elements of the production really contributed to the performance. For seeing my first professional play, I was intrigued by how the props were able to roll in and out on their own. However, as I was sitting in the audience of the thrust stage in Centerstage before the production began, the falling snow really caught my eye. The director and scenic designer really were able to dig deep into finding a way to create the allusion of a slight snowstorm to a very heavy one. The way the café’s props were set up was impeccable because it really represented the timeframe the production was based in, 1955. The way the windows on the back prop was set to see the street out front of the café, covered in the fallen snow. My favorite part about the snow was how it was on the actor’s shoulders, on their hats and everything just as it would be in a real heavy snowstorm. It added a magic touch to the scene and set.

It was prevalent when there was a scene change because the lighting was magnificent. As the scene ended, slowly fading, a spotlight kept view on the actors who were...
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