Professional Communication Week 6: Disneyworld

Topics: Walt Disney World Resort, Walt Disney, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Pages: 2 (300 words) Published: June 8, 2012
Title of Presentation- Persuasive Presentation

Audience- Young adults

Disneyworld Isn’t Just for Kids!

I. Introduction

Usually, when someone hears the word “Disneyworld”, castles, magic, and their childhood probably resonate to their mind. Roughly about 70% of the US population has visited either Disney Land or Disney World. Walt Disney World is a theme park and resort dedicated to bringing out the magic in founder Walt Disney’s vision.

A. Thesis Statement

Although this theme park showcases the many characters of Walt Disney productions that children enjoy, it is geared for the entire family, including the adults. Walt Disney World is not only catered to children, but to adults, also. It is a place where both demographics can come to have an unforgettable experience.

II. History

A. When it was built

B. Why it was built

C. Location

III. Walt Disney World park features

A. Magic Kingdom

B. Epcot

C. Disney’s Hollywood Studios

D. Animal Kingdom

E. Resorts and Hotels

F. Downtown Disney

1) Pleasure Island

2) West Side

IV. Reasons Why It is not Only for Kids
A. Thrilling Rides made for adults
B. Technology-implemented rides and attractions
C. Spas, Tennis, and Golf
D. Drinks and Alcohol available
E. Backstage Tours


As adults, there’s more to entertainment than people dressed up in characteristic costumes. Disney World keeps adults in mind when they build newer attractions and make sure they can enjoy the park experience. It is fun for all ages because Disneyworld offers so much, no matter how old.

Visual Explanation

There will be photos of various adult-friendly attractions to showcase that Disneyworld can be fun for adults also.


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