Professional Communication on Interdisciplinary Teams and a Nurse's Duty

Topics: Patient, Nursing, Health care provider Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Misty Harrison
Professional Communication on Interdisciplinary Teams and a Nurse’s Duty San Jacinto College Central School of Nursing
April 9, 2013
Professor Ashworth

The news bulletin I found is from the July 2012 issue Vol. 43 No.3. It focuses on the importance of communication and patient safety. A nurse cannot do his/her job safely without proper, professional communication with the entire interdisciplinary team. The interdisciplinary team is most often composed of a RN, APRN, LVN, Physician, PA, Pharmacists, RT, PT, Dietician, Clergy, Social worker, Case managers, clerical staff, and non-licensed & nonclinical staff. This bulletin provides specific information on how and why it is important for a nurse to develop good communications skills and to use them effectively and professionally (Texas Board of Nursing, 2012, p. 5).

Most medical errors that cause serious injuries to patients result from lack of or failure of communication, misinterpreting critical information when the orders are not clear, and/or when a patient’s condition changes and is overlooked. “The interdisciplinary team uses each member’s education, knowledge, and experiences to build an individualized plan of care that will best address the patient’s needs.” Collaboration and communication are essential among the team and are critical in the reduction of these errors and in establishing a safe environment for the patients. This is a very important part and responsibility of every health care workers job (Texas Board of Nursing, 2012, p. 5). To do this, a nurse has an obligation to communicate and work well with all other members for the best interest of their patients. There are identifiable barriers that prevent communication between members of the interdisciplinary team, and therefore must be addressed and/or put aside if possible. Some of the barriers acknowledged in this bulletin are; “cultural and generational differences, turf battles between disciplines, and...
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