Professional Claim Letter

Topics: Poetry, John Doe, New York Pages: 2 (276 words) Published: July 2, 2011
Academy of American Poets
584 Broadway, Suite 604
New York, NY 10012-5243

Phone: 123-456-7890 email:

March 22, 2011

ATTENTION: Jane Breitenbach

Your organization and ours have had an established relationship based on mutual respect since we began National Poetry Month in 1995. However, upon receiving the bill for our most recent use of your facility, it has us wondering if this will be able to continue.

Since 1995, the YMCA has been providing us with the discounted rate of $1,000 for the use your facility for our convention. You can imagine my surprise when we received the bill for $5,000.

As I see it, either the YMCA has increased its rates for leasing of the convention hall without notifying its customers or there was a billing error with our account and the discount that we usually receive was not applied. I certainly hope that it is the latter, as I think you and I can agree upon the very unprofessional nature of the other former.

Upon receipt of the bill, I called your offices and spoke with your events coordinator, Ryan Nichols. After explaining the situation, I was told that I would have to speak with his supervisor, Sue Harrington. I then explained the problem again, only to be asked to contact you.

As much as we would like to continue doing business with the YMCA, dealing with this for the last month has left me frustrated to the point of seeking another venue that works within our budgetary constraints.

We would appreciate having a resolution of this problem by April 15th.

Yours truly,

John Doe
Operations Manager
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