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Professional Challenge – – Leadership Development Action & Learning Plan


According to Pierce & Newstrom (2000), the past two decades, there has been a trend in a significant increase in women in business, occupying leadership positions as well as managerial (administrative) positions in work organizations (41). As I am inspired to become a business person, I’ve learned new leadership objectives that are applicable to my current and future workplace. In order to become an exemplary leader, I plan to strengthen my weakness in areas received from i360 assessments primarily focusing on three areas: decision making, time management and communication. As I have learned the importance of coaching, and have found the process to be of benefit, I seek proficiency in the areas of leadership behaviors. The type of behaviors that will strengthen usage of communicable tools need to grow as I yearn to inspire others to envision their futures, and act on them. My ideal path is first and foremost to stay on track and successfully complete the MBA program. As I acquired transforming skills, I look forward to the path that will help me understand concepts needed to start a long awaited dream, a staffing agency with special emphasis on disabilities as a plant seeds to grow. Assignment Review

I have learned from classmates during discussions posts regarding leadership competencies such as in the case of Paul Levy‘s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center case study. As for people coming together, I understand the importance of having a vision and how one becomes compelled to learn more. My interview with Dr. A. Ward was as refreshing as she challenged the process by beating the odds of racism, sexism, and poverty. And as I come to comprehend impacts of different leadership behaviors, I realize how important it is to plan small wins and to be empowered by others. The road taken to have my vision come to life involves more than the thought; "if you don't know where you're going, you might end up someplace else" (Nanus, p 317). Based on the instruction I received from Levy’s case, I am making better decisions and found news ways to motivate people as well as analyze issues more appropriately. Competencies I Wish to Develop

The competencies I wish to develop are: challenging the process, model the way and enable others to act. When I think of developing competencies, I think of my interview with Dr. Ward’s struggles at beating the odds as a single parent of four, challenging the status quo, and that she learned to make education a game of competition as she modeled the way for others. I too challenge the process as there are not many agencies existing that are willing to go the extra mile to hire someone who may need additional training. I plan to set the example of the importance of face-to-face interactivity by asking successful leaders to give some of their time back to communities in need. Physical contact will allow our clients to focus on their goals as they are inspired from our success stories. As we search for opportunities, I want to enable others to act from success stories shared to inspire underprivileged children that they can soar as well. To strengthen others, I need to develop and make more informed decisions and be more realistic on how to overcome barriers. As Dr. Ward spoke of her leadership effectiveness, she challenged the process evaluating the consequences of her actions knowing the odds were against her succeeding. As I realize the odds of finding employment may be challenging, I am up for the challenge. We must be in tuned with ourselves. In order to deliver information properly; there’s reality. I prepare myself for the worst at all time. As I look into each theory, I realize there is so much emotion involved theory we accept, one thing we have to keep in mind as we focus on being leaders, Goleman, Boyatzis, and McKee...
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