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Topics: Middle East, Kuala Lumpur, North Africa Pages: 3 (1112 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Samir Younes Founder, AsiaMENA Ltd. and team member OPM MENA consulting firm Born and educated in Lebanon, Samir has spent a lifetime acquiring experience around passionate and purposeful people strategy, cumulating in the launch of AsiaMENA Ltd. in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in 2006. Exposure to various business cultures and widely divergent professionals ensures his comfort level in working for a wide variety of organizations. After spending 9 years working in Nigeria as a financial controller for different groups of companies including manufacturing conglomerates, he immigrated to Canada to work on different projects while updating/ upgrading his education and professional skills in Management, Sales and Marketing. In Canada, he had seven successful years with Microcell Solutions (first GSM network operator in Canada, later bought by Rogers communications) as a sales manager then moved to Dubai – UAE in early 2004 to join Zawya the leader in the online business intelligence for the Middle East region (acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2012) as a sales director and promoted to Vice President Operations after one year of service. He then moved to Malaysia as the exclusive agent of Zawya for the Asian market. He started AsiaMENA Ltd. both in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and recruited a team of sales people in KL, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo and Seoul and he trained and managed them remotely on selling Zawya’s online business intelligence services and advertising packages. He was instrumental in positioning Zawya as the leading business information platform for the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) in South East Asia market and beyond. Working with zawya for several years both in their Dubai head office and later as their exclusive agent for the Asian market allowed Samir to meet a lot of important business people and get to know some of the largest organizations and to access a wealth of useful business intelligence and information about the MENA region...
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