Profession Development

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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level 5
Unit SHC52
Learning outcome 1

Level 5 Diploma in Learning, Development & Support Services

Professional Development

Professional Development is described as skills and knowledge gained for personal development and career advancement (Wikipedia – Professional Development (2012). Individuals may participate in professional development because of an interest in lifelong learning, a sense of moral obligation, to maintain and improve professional competence, enhance career progression, keep abreast of new technology and practice, or to comply with professional regulatory organisations. The principles that enable and enhance professional development of the student include:

* Building on the students prior knowledge and strengths, providing opportunity to develop skills and broaden strategies and different approaches * Allowing the individual to learn at his or her own pace. * The provision of on-going support and encouragement

* Providing opportunities for personal and group reflection

Barriers to learning for the student may include:

* Time restraints
* An unwillingness or apprehension about personal educational skill ie computer skills, essay writing, literacy skills, undermining autonomy. * A lack of self-motivation and drive
* A lack of belief in their ability to adopt and implement new skills

Professional development encompasses many types of facilitated learning opportunities ranging from college degrees to formal coursework, conferences and informal learning opportunities situated in practice. It has been described as intensive and collaborative, ideally incorporating an evaluative stage. There are a variety of approaches to professional development, including consultation, coaching, enquiry based learning, problem solving, lesson study, mentoring and reflective supervision. (Continuing Professional Development (2012)

Within my role, professional development has given me the opportunity to...
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