Profanity in Media

Topics: Profanity, Obscenity, United States Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Thesis Statement: In discussion of incident and accidental cussing, one of the controversial issue has been moved up which is the profanity in media nowadays, especially on television and radio. On the other hand, Federal Communication Commission or FCC argues that FCC has the authority to not broadcast any obscene materials that show profanity in any circumstances. On the other hand the U.S Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit dispute that television and radio that show incident or accident profanity they should not be fined and banned by the FCC. In My opinion and perspective I have to disagree with the statement that said they should not be banned and fined when they show accident profanity which is U.S Court Appeals for the Second Circuit and I Agreed with U.S Supreme Court because they said that “Incident” and subject to fines and other disciplinary action”. All the supporting for my thesis will be cover after this paragraph.

One of the examples that I don’t agree because first of all we are talking about the one of the most popular tools of media, which is television or radio. All kind of ages using these tools to hear or see or learn new things. “Children and Kids” is the most concern one. Television or radio impacts these kids daily lives because they can hear profanity from the broadcast. Furthermore, the children will try to use these obscene words to other people, and they will use it more and more to their daily lives. My point is these kids or children don’t fully understand these obscene words and they don’t know these words are bad.

The other example of obscene and profane language that can be found in the radio or television is Lyrics within the songs, especially Hip-Hop song. Based on my research Hip-Hop song is one of the genres that use many bad and obscene words. Beside that Hip Hop has been really famous among these kids (Teenagers), commonly the lyric from this type of music is usually goes around sex, drugs and mostly cussing...
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