Productivity & Profitability Analysis and Empirical Evaluation

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Term paper on

Productivity & Profitability Analysis and Empirical Evaluation of Three listed Companies for Three Years

Venerable Supervisor:
Professor Dr. Mohammad Saleh Jahur
Department of Finance & Banking
University of Chittagong

Submitted By:
Md. Jahangir Alam
ID: 06303132
4th year BBA (Final-Term)
Finance & Banking Department
University of Chittagong

Letter of Submission

28th April, 2012

Professor Dr. Mohammad Saleh Jahur
Department of Finance & Banking
University of Chittagong

Sub: Submission of the Term Paper Report.

Dear Sir,
I am very pleased to submit my term paper report on “Productivity & Profitability Analysis and Empirical Evaluation.” I have kept my best sincerity to prepare report covering the aspects of the topics as per your suggestion.

I have tried my best to gain practical experience and also tried to reflect the same in report with limited scope and knowledge. I wish your kind hearty consideration, if there is any deviation in my report.

I wish to thank for your friendly co-ordination to make the program success.


Md. Jahangir Alam
ID: 06303132
4th year BBA (Final-Term)
Dept. of Finance & Banking
University of Chittagong.


Practical knowledge has no alternative, a perfect co-ordination between theory and practice is of paramount importance in the context of the modern business world. In order to resolve the dichotomy between these two areas, the Department of Finance & Banking Chittagong University arranges “Term paper” a practical completion of the final exam in BBA course. This program is necessary for every student to complete his academic course. Term paper program brings student closer to the business practical and thereby help them to substantiate their knowledge so that can prepare themselves to start a successful career. Under the Term paper program every student is to an organization with a view to acquire practical knowledge. Each student is required to prepare a report on the selected organization under the guidance of his/her co-ordinate. As per course requirement we were assigned to study on “Productivity & Profitability Analysis and Empirical Evaluation of three listed companies for three years.” Despite my all hearts efforts; there may still remain some errors, printing mistakes and deficiencies for which I am alone responsible. My effort will be meaningful if this report serves the purpose.


In the time of preparing this report, I have been fortunate to have the support, assistance & encouragement of a number of individuals. Many of them played a decisive role in helping us writing this report, though we accept full responsibility for all errors and omission. At the very beginning, I would like to thank all mighty Allah for keeping everything on right track. A special note of acknowledgement is due to my venerable supervisor, Professor Dr. Mohammad Saleh Jahur, for giving me the permission to prepare the report on this topic. He was very generous and friendly toward us while conducting the term paper and was the person who has guided me throughout preparing this report. His supervisory was really effective and interesting. All of these activities have been conducted within a very short time and we think it became possible only for his dynamism. Taking the term paper with him was a great fortune for me really. Finally, I would like to thank our parents and friends without whose support it was impossible for us to complete the term paper. Thank you all!


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Chapter 1| 1. Introduction| 8|
| 1.1 Prelude| 9|
| 1.2 Statement of the problem| 9|
| 1.3 Objective of the study| 9|
| 1.4 Scope of the study| 10|
| 1.5 Methodology of the study1.5.1 Primary data collection1.5.2 Secondary data collection1.5.3 Analysis of Data| 10| | 1.6 Organization of the study|...
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