Productivity Environmental Preference Survey

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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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Productivity Environmental Preference Survey
The areas that I was the highest in were tell me that I prefer to study in light, warm places. I am persistent about getting my work done but love to be with Peers. I do best in a structured sitting with authority figures present. I am also a very kinesthetic and have high intake. This inventory also told me that I prefer quiet areas when I study, that I am not a very responsible person and that I am not a visual learner. If I could pick a time of day, I should pick my classes in the late morning or late afternoon because that is the time of day I perform the highest. These sections were rated high because I like to be warm in general. I will wear sweatshirts in the middle of the summer time. When I study, I easily become tired so I find that I study better if I set upright, at my desk in a well lit area. I also find that if I study in the same place it helps me to better be able to concentrate. Because I am so easily distracted by people and other outside factors I have to find a high structured, quiet study area. The one thing that is contradicting about these factors is that the reason I am persistent is that if I keep trying at something it will eventually work out in my favor because I am very goal oriented yet motivation is one of the lower factors of this survey. I love to be around people, however the problem with this is I am easily persuaded by peer pressure to do other things rather than complete my homework. This is the reason that responsibility is one of the lowest factors in this inventory.

The one thing that I find very wrong in this survey is that I am not a visual learner. I see this as being wrong because I always find myself drawing pictures in order to understand information. For example, in my notes if something is increasing or decreasing, I draw arrows in order to depict the information because it is easier for me to see a picture than read the text. On test in order to answer questions, I...
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