Production Technology and Marketing of Rose in India

Topics: Rose, Flower, Roses Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: February 11, 2011

Dr R Chandra
Assistant Professor
Department of Horticulture
Amar Singh College, Lakhaoti, Bulandshahr-245407

Rose cultivation is a highly remunerative enterprise. The rose is the strongest component of domestic cut flower production and market. In most part of India the climate is such that there is no true dormant period for rose plants, and they attempt to flower throughout the year in a succession of flushes of blooms. Good quality is produced in winter and at this time market demand is high.

Rose is one of the nature’s beautiful creations and is universally acclaimed as the ‘Queen of Flowers’. No other flower is a better symbol of love, adoration, innocence and other virtues than the rose. It is certainly the best known and most popular of all garden flowers throughout the world and has been growing on this earth for many billion years before man himself appeared. It has become the part and parcel of life, being connected with all phases of life right from birth to death. The growing of this beautiful flower in India developed with the distillation of roses as mentioned in Ayurveda by Charaka around 100 A.D. The interest in cultivation, however, increased considerably mainly during the last three decades and economically stand first in the international market. Its different types having beautiful flowers of exquisite shapes, different sizes, bewitching colours and most delightful fragrance has made it an important flower for various uses. The different ways in which rose can be used for large and small-scale plantings and as bush, climber, hedge, edge and pot plant, in hanging basket, cut flower, perfume and allied products (rose water, pankhuri, gul-rogan etc.). Present Scenario

During winter months in the temperate countries the environmental conditions are unfavourable for the commercial production of roses. The temperature is too low, day length is...
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