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Production Process.

By | July 2012
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Knitting garments has a vast scope as of now it is being changed from underwear’s and knitwear’s to fashionable day wears. That too after 2004 when the textile garments become quota-free regime every prospective buyer is at liberty to source his needs from any where he likes. Which abundance of raw material, availability of cheep and skilled labors Tiruppur knitting industry has a bright future provided it modernizes itself with the installation of state of the art technology imported machines. In such a situation the quality and competitive rate is going to the deciding factor. At present India accounts for paltry 2.50% of the world trade. Whereas, the China, a late entrant to the world trade, accounts for 17 % and the tiny Hong-Kong accounts for 7%. Therefore, there remains a lot of ground to be covered by INDIA. Even if our share is increase by a mere 2% to 3% our exports will increase by 100 %. To achieve this it is imperative to modernize the knitting industry to meet the challenge.

they are supplying garments to the lower end of the market only because we could not produce world standard quality it is imperative that the printing industry ought to be and urgently modernized with installing state of art Technology machines imported from abroad. At present these are only around 1200 imported machines in Tiruppur which is short of meeting the demand. So there is going to be increasing demand for imported machines. The present daily production is around 4000 Cases per day. Imported knitting machines have a capacity of only around 2000 Cases per day resulting a shortage of 50%. At present our share of world trade in hosiery goods is a paltry 1.50%. There is a vast scope for improving own share of world trade in this sector. For this we must enhance the quality of our products to the world standard and equip our self’s to supply goods at a competitive rate and shift from cotton to man made fabrics which will enable us to enter in the middle...

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