Production Plan

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Production Plan

Submitted by:
Joly Barbero
Maria Andrea Balana
Eluisa Marie Espartero
Mary Jane Omapas
Wilma Balderama
Jayson Pacit
Submitted to:
Dr. Isaias Borres

Table of Contents

I. Product / Services Description
II. Production / Operation Process
III. Production Schedule
IV. Labor Requirement
V. Machinery / Equipment Requirement
VI. Raw materials
VII. Plant Factory Location
VIII. Plant Layout
IX. Waste Disposal Management
X. Quality Control System
XI. Production Chart

Chapter I
Product Description

Consumer view of a product that includes its benefits, form, presentation, price, purpose and product definition.


Pancakes are flat cakes made from a butter that is being cooked in a frying pan or crepe pan. Sweet or savoury, they can be served for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, and even as an appetizer. Many countries have their own version of pancakes. In France they prefer thin, lacy crepes, but in the US (where they're also called hotcakes, griddlecakes and battercakes) pancakes are usually thick and fluffy. Mini savoury pancakes, known as blini, hail from Russia and Poland, while pikelets are small, thick, sweet pancakes that are popular in Britain.

Name of the product

We will offer our product namely “Fun cakes” instead of pancakes . We will add twist on it like adding more flavors because usually it only has margarine and sugar on the top of it. We have chosen this product because we can see bigger chances that this niche will grow into something more substantial. Fun cake is a kind of food that you can eat anytime you want usually in morning that serves as your breakfast, in the afternoon that serves as your lunch and even for “merienda”. We satisfy our customer by providing them healthy food with affordable price.

This product doesn’t require much process. One of the advantage of this product is that it is not seasonal you can have it anytime in any place. It is very convenient also because you don’t need to do many things just to eat it. Name of Product:

We call our product as Funcake because aside from its term fun, we cook with heart and we add different flavors such as vegetables and fruits that they can get some benefits and they will be amazed because it is very common to have funcake with vegetables and fruits flavor.

Based on the raw material that was used during our product testing we come up with this cost: TOTAL115
Number of funcake20
that may Produce

115÷20 = P 5.75
We assumed that per ½ of kilo of flour, we can make 20 pcs. Of funcake which cost P7.00
½ kilo Flour20
Margarine 5
Milk 40
Baking Powder 10

Pancakes Health Benefits

The butter of pancakes contains milk, which provides protein and calcium. Eggs provide additional protein. If pancakes are made with whole wheat or buckwheat flour, their health benefits will increase. When using these whole grains, pancakes present numerous health benefits, including rich in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Due to the additional fiber, whole wheat pancakes will help you feel fuller longer than white flour pancakes.

Fruit Fun Cake
is rich in potassium. It also contains other minerals such as  calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus in large quantities. It is also rich in fibers making it a useful laxative and good for easing constipation.


is a rich source of flavonoid and polyphenols both are powerful antioxidant. Apple contains a large amount of minerals and vitamins that can strengthen the blood.


Malunggay leaves helps strengthens the immune system.
Malunggay can help restores skin condition, controls blood pressure, and relieves headaches and migraines. Malunggay tea can help strengthen the eye muscles.
Malunggay tea can...
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