Production of Ice Cream Using Winged Bean Milk

Topics: Milk, Nutrition, Ice milk Pages: 4 (1319 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Production of Ice Cream Using Winged Bean Milk


Ice cream utilizing winged bean (sigarilyas) milk in place of cow's milk was produced. Although the ice cream produced did not rate very high in terms of taste, the texture, odor and appearance are comparable to that of regular homemade ice cream. The experimental ice cream was mom nutritious than the regular homemade ice cream. This was due to more protein and less fat found in winged bean milk, the amounts of which were determined using the kjeldahl method and Gerber method. In conclusion, ice cream made of winged bean milk makes for more nutritious ice cream. This research compared only two types of milk: cow's milk and winged bean milk. Also, the research only tested the fat and protein content, and the acceptability of ice cream produced from pure cow's milk, pure winged bean milk, and an equal mixture of both types of milk.

Ice cream is one the most popular and nourishing foods. It contains milk, sugar, a stabilizer, and frequently, eggs. These ingredients are stirred together into a liquid mix; the mix is placed in a container to be stirred at the same time that it is frozen. Stirring is an important part of making good ice cream. Since the mix next tothe side of the container freezes faster than the rest, tiny crystals form in the ice cream. To prevent this from happening, the frozen mix must be scraped off the sides of the container and beaten into the mix. The machine used to freeze ice cream must be equipped with a paddle and a scraper that will stir the ice cream properly. All ice cream freezers work on this principle.

Winged bean (Phosphocarpus tetragonolobus) is a close relative of the soybean plant. Its color varies from green to violet depending on the variety. The pods of this plant have thin extensions that may appear to some as so-observable wings, thus the flame winged bean. It is an alternative crop and contains certain bacteria that add nutrients to the soil. tlitis...
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