Production of Home Furnishings for Export: Quality Control Problems

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  • Published : February 26, 2008
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What are the principal, and secondary problems faced by Mr. Voinov? One of the principal problems is quality control in the production of home furnishings for export. In addition another problem was quality standard of domestic demand. Last one depended on psychological reasons: to switch on and off higher quality standards only required for export. However, both sides of one problem could come true due to taking into consideration of technological environment through a realization of new automated technology. New technologies create new markets and opportunities. Companies that do not keep up with technological change soon will find its products outdated. And they will miss new product and market opportunities. Naturally, using new machinery is not solution of all quality control problems (QCP). As technical specialist, I want to say that main idea of this QCP is right labour management. Machinery can't operate without people. You should try in organizing this people. At the same time they have to be good at their work. Mr. Voinov hires workers for up to six months as "trainer". It is good decision for solving staff question. Certainly, it touch demographic environment. The secondary problem of FHF Company is focused on natural environment. Marketers should be aware of several trends in the natural environment. It involves growing shortages of raw materials. So FHC Company has to find solution in new progressive artificial materials. On the other hand it could provide to increasing pollution. Industry will almost always damage the quality of the natural environment. And one more problem is seasonality of export demand.

Why is the business of home furnishings a cyclical and a seasonal business? How can Mr.Voinov solve the "cause" of the problem? Seasonal demand in the Northern markets was during fall only which had cyclical nature. The seasonality is explained by demographic environment, i.e. by geographic shifts in population. Americans, for example, are a...
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