Production Management

Topics: Water, Quality control, Salt Pages: 4 (1186 words) Published: July 29, 2013
1. Briefly describe salt production from brine production to finished round cans.

Salt is produce by drilling the surface for about 2,400 feet below. Then, water is infused in this cave; thus, salt is dissolved with the water. The resulting brine is then pumped in the surface, boiled and when it evaporates, salt crystals will occur with some moisture but can be removed through the drying process. This happen continuously for about 6 weeks but there will come a point where output will reduce (normal is 45 tons per hour; it will be reduced to 75% of the initial rate) due to scale buildup and at this moment, maintenance on the equipment need to be performed. But afterwards, normal operation will resume. The salt is then stored in silos until it is transferred by conveyors to each of the production area; one of which is the round can production. In this area, two high speed production parallel lines are present. At the beginning, they are of same process then later on will diversify in two same lines; producing a fixed rate of 9,600 cans per hour. The process is uniformed; changes only occur at the brand labeling. The plant not just produces salt but also the can (container of the salt). These cans are made of cardboard but with a plastic spout on top. The cylinder part is made by cutting two sheets of chipboard that are glued together (glue also serve as moisture barrier). Additionally, the top and bottom pieces are also obtained from the chipboard. These components will eventually turn into cans when move along the conveyor. Then, the cans will be filled with salt and covered by the pour spout. They are now ready for shipment once they are laden into pallet.

2. Briefly describe the quality assurance efforts in round can production.

Initially, quality is already observed at the moment the salt is extracted at wells. Validated amount of Iodine and anti-caking compound are added to the salt. The right crystal size is achieved through the scraping screen,...
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