Production in the Workforce

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Production in the Workforce

By | November 2007
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Computer-aided Design (CAD), Computer-aided Engineering (CAE), Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM), Computer-integrated Manufacturing (CIM), and Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) are all computer operated machines that can be used to assist manufacturers to manufacture better parts. In addition, these systems not only save time and setup costs for a manufacturer, but they also can aide in design, handling, transportation, efficiency, and their business operations and databases. Choosing A Facility Layout

When making layout decisions management has to determine the placement of departments, staff, work stations, and office equipment and other machinery. The purpose of this is to ensure that operations and work flow can be conducted in a smooth manner.

The process layout would work best as the final production will require several exclusive subunits that are all produced differently. The process layout will allow for different rooms to be set up to accommodate each subunit, which will require different lengths of time while in use. Examples of process layouts are x-ray rooms, examination rooms, and ICU rooms or rooms used for outpatient surgery; each room is dedicated to the administration of a specific service.


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