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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Rohel Zahid
Aurora Flewwelling-Skup
Significant Stages
4th December 2012
Production Essay
The Important of Being Earnest
Directorial Concept
In the first act, Algernon appears in the morning room with his butler Lane. The setting is very luxury and rich because has we saw to the play, Lady Bracknell always wanted that Algernon marries a rich person such as Cecily. The opening was very an idealistic universe where talking about low class system in the house was almost inexistent. Algernon and even Lane seem to have a high education; their word choices are also very bright, sophisticated and full of metaphor and poetry like saying. There is a piano on the stage and Algernon plays it but very poorly. Algernon is a rich man because of her aunt, Lady Bracknell, as well as Gwendolen, cousin of Algernon. After eating cucumber sandwiches, he talks philosophically about marriages. Even though Lane works for Algernon as a servant, Algernon judges him as being in a low status. The play is mainly based on class hierarchy. Having a big wealth, perfect family system and honourous prestige is what lead you a successful life. Algernon is able to drink most of the time expensive champagnes in his time which can be considerate to big money to spend. The fact that Lady Bracknell is the aunt of Algernon, he can eat however he wants but when Jack Worthing came to see Algernon, he was a little intimidated by Lady Bracknell because he was not that close of her. Even though Jack was well dressed when he went to Algernon house, Lady Bracknell did not wanted that Gwendolen is with Jack because she portrayed her as a lower class than her. The scene with Lane and Algernon will be discussed more in depth because it could be change to more obvious distinction about the class system of the servant and the aunt’s nephew. I will changes this scene because it deserves more differentiation between them; it does not look that Lane is the servant. I will change to a more modern way because I...
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