Product Strategy for Old Town White Coffee Malaysia

Topics: Museum, Types of museum, Display case Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: December 29, 2012
2.3 Market Analysis

There is a huge “The Hunk” was place about a house’s roof in the middle of the housing area. It was a landmark and also a benchmark for the Toy Museum Melaka. Previously the Toy Museum Melaka was located at Jonker Street but now, it was at Bukit Baru. By collecting all kinds of toys from different parts of country, they used low price to buy and treat the toys from owners. In this view, they managed to collect and display some old type of toys and limited edition one. The organization had categorized all type of the toys into different segment for instance, horror room, soft toys corner and so forth. The organization had fully used every room to display all the toys that they had been collected all the while. Every room is having different type of theme, so that visitors are able to differentiate which ‘world’ they are entering. Even the toilet of the museum is also full of toys. They are fully utilized the house of the museum. Besides that, they also sell some small type of toys at the cashier. Toys that they sell are more likely key chain. It is straightly not for sell of all the display items. The organization encourages the public to donate their used toys or sell their toys with lower prices in order to display in the museum. The visitor only needs to pay RM 5 for per adult and RM 3 per children for the entrances fees. By paying small amount of money and able to view back their memories during the childhood time. It is totally worth for the price. The museum is fully air-conditional and fan. The environment is not warm and there is no time limit for every visitor. Visitors can enjoy their leisure time by refreshing their childhood time memories. The organization used an old house to design and transform it into a toy museum is a brilliant idea. In the light of this, visitors felt at home when they visit the museum and the visitor will be more comfortable during the trip. With this, visitor will help them to promote the museum...
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