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Product Strategy and Planning Imac 400

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Product Strategy and Planning Imac 400

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Using secondary material available from publicly available sources and/or primary interviews with persons involved, outline how GE Healthcare iMac400 product progressed through the different stages of product development from concept evaluation till launch.: Wherever information is not available, indicate how the planning at the various stages should have been done based on the lessons learnt from this module

Based on your understanding of the product/service and its market, comment on the process choices related to capacity, flexibility, resource planning, degree of vertical integration, customer service

Identify the metrics which should be used to track the progress of the product development and commercial success for these products and services


Product Strategy and Planning

Identifying key trends affecting the industry
In 2006, GE observed that India has the most number of patients related to heart disease. Data on growth in heart diseases in India……………. Similar disease patterns existed in China, Brazil etc… Data required Data to check whether this was launched in South Africa as well….?? GE saw a business opportunity by providing technology to detect heart disease early, to the billions of people. GE observed that ECG machines were the most simple yet reliable technology for early detection of heart diseases

Market scan: Key suppliers of ECG machines during 2004-2006 were…………… GE was a leader in ECG machines and was selling its machines in India. All of the machines were developed for USA markets which weighted around 60 pounds at cost of $15,000. No. of units of these machines sold in India, China, Brazil, South Africa etc was around……. . Its data base showed that …% of the machines sold in these countries were installed in Big cities. There was a opportunity for...

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