Product Review of Milo

Topics: Milk, Nutrition, Vitamin Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: November 15, 2012
Product ratings and reviews help users make more informed purchasing decisions. They are written by third parties and are for informational purposes only. Other consumers can read these when making a purchase decision. Nestle is a very good and old company which produces many kind of chocolates and other such milk products. Milo is a chocolate drink by Nestle, and was first developed in Australia in 1934. It is an extremely popular drink in Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, as well as in Australia Africa India and Pakistan. Milo is marketed slightly differently and has some variations in taste depending on the country of origin (i.e. the Malaysian version is slightly sweeter than Singapore's. Appearance and Packaging:-

Milo powder comes in various forms. The most original is just the Milo powder itself, and that is packaged in metal green tins, typically with some picture of a sporting figure typically with the intention of marketing milo as a healthy energy drink. Due to convenience you will also tend to find the 3-in-1 packets that you only need to add hot water too. Because milo is so popular, it's not surprising too that they have ventured into making other milo products as well such as milo chocolate, cereal, and even ice-cream!

Taste and preparation:-
Milo taste is quite yummy and delicious unlike other chocolate milks. It’s so very yummy and chocolaty but perhaps less unhealthy than hot chocolate! It's always something that you drink when you are feeling cold, unwell, or when feeling down. People who liked it definitely recommend that you try it for yourself; you might just fall in love with it too. Nutrition

Milo is typically marketed as a nutrition/energy drink that is especially targeted for active and growing young kids. While the nutritional value of a milo drink will really depend on your powder-to-water ratio, Nestle claims that the drink contains essential nutrients including calcium, iron,...
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