Product Proposal Template

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Product Proposal Template
• [Bulleted lists and bracketed text are descriptive,
and should not appear in final documents.]
• Assume your proposal will be one of many reviewed by potential investors.  It should be accurate, concise, and self-contained.
Don't assume the reader is familiar with you or your product. • The proposal should be well organized, clearly written, and flow smoothly from one item to the next. The style and information should be consistent, even if different people write different parts. • Use graphics (charts, diagrams, etc) where they can be more effective than text ("a picture is worth a thousand words").  Do not use cutesy or unnecessary pictures. • Include or attach tables or spreadsheets for lists and comparisons.

Product Proposal for [Concept]

Executive Summary

• Write the summary last, not first.
• Summarize all key ideas from the proposal in less than one page. • Describe the product in the first paragraph.
• Do not use graphics, tables, etc.


1 Introduction

• Describe the product, its key features and functionality.

2 Abbreviations and Definitions

• List and define all abbreviations and non-standard terms used.

3 Background

• Describe any background required to understand the product or its importance, including market or technology trends.

Market Analysis

1 Needs Analysis

• Describe who needs the product, and why.
• For each market of interest, describe key characteristics, including size. • Summarize the customer’s total cost. Include hardware unless you are assuming that your customers already own the necessary hardware.

2 Competitive Analysis

• Describe competing products, and their relative strengths & weaknesses. • Include or attach a table to summarize key characteristics. • Use text (or subsections) for details not easily captured in the table.

|Feature or Characteristic |[Proposed Product] |Competitor(s) | | | |[#1] |[#2] |[#3] |[#4] | | | | | | | |


1 Actors & Use Cases

• Describe the general categories of people who will use the product. • Describe any external systems that will interact with the product. • For each actor, describe why and how they interact with the product. • For each actor, describe any special characteristics or background. • Include or attach a table to summarize which actors perform which use cases, especially if there is overlap.

|Use Case |Actor(s) | | |[#1] |[#2] |[#3] |[#4] |[#5] | | | | | | | |

2 Requirements

• Include or attach a table (or a full spreadsheet) to list and describe key requirements, such as: o hardware or software (platform dependencies)
o performance
o networking
o concurrency
o data storage
o internationalization (multiple languages, currencies, time zones) o error handling & security
o testing & documentation
o installation

|Category |Requirement |Priorit|Phase |Cost | | | |y | | | | |...
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