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  • Published : August 6, 2011
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Rochelle Russell
Unit 2 Individual Product
Products & Product Marketing

Triangle Solutions Product
There are several people that love to take pictures of their families or special events and put them in scrapbooks. The new product that I am proposing is a photo paper that already has a background scene on it and individuals can still print their picture on top of it to make it look even more special. Mostly everyone has digital cameras in today’s world which make it very easy to take better pictures. Individuals that scrapbook or love to take a lot of pictures this product would be for them. People always need a change and this photo paper would be that change.

To start off there would be four different backgrounds on the photo paper. Sensational sky, marvelous mountains, wonderful waterfalls, and flowing field of flowers would be their names. They would come in three different sizes. Eight by ten, four by six, and five by seven, and it would come in a 24 pack with two of each size, and two of each background. It could also come in glossy and semi glossy.

There are so many different products out there as far as photo paper now is time for a big change. Scrapbooking people are always looking for different ways to dress up their pictures or other projects that they are working on. Why not give them something that is totally different than what they are use to. This can be one solution to keep scrapbooking or photographing loved ones fun and also can be a new product for Triangle Solutions. Market

Since 2005 people all over the world has used digital cameras and slowly put photo finishing business in slow motion. More people are sharing and printing their own pictures instead of buying a roll of film and taking it to get processed. Printing only the pictures they truly want. People share and manipulate pictures from their computer. Mainstream are taking more and...
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