Product Portfolio of Continental Buiscuits

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COMPANY: Continental biscuits

Company History:

Incorporated in 1984, the success story of LU in Pakistan began with the initiative of Hasan Ali Khan (the founder of Continental Biscuits), who signed a joint venture agreement with Generale Biscuits, the global manufacturers of the LU range, which was subsequently acquired by the DANONE Group. Expansive investments were made including the import of technology and professional expertise from abroad. The first undertaking was to set up a factory and establish distribution centers in the country with the ultimate objective of commencing operations and marketing our products in Pakistan. CBL thus started its' operations in the country since September 1986 with an initial strength of 200 employees.

The company first introduced its' innovative brands - TUC, Prince and Candi which proved to be an instant success. With global merger of Generale Biscuit and the Danone Group, a more comprehensive range of products and technical know-how became available to CBL. The company at present has an outstanding portfolio, under its power brands of TUC, Prince, Tiger and Candi. These brands have an array of products that falls into the category of plain biscuits, cream variants, crackers and ingredients based.

Corporate overview:
Continental Biscuits Limited (CBL) was founded in 1984 following a Joint Venture between the family of Hasan Ali Khan and the Group Danone, the French food giants. In the year 2007 Danone sold their biscuits category to Kraft Foods of USA. Today the company has a joint venture with Kraft Foods with a shareholding of 50.5% and 49.5% respectively. For more than two decades CBL is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of the brand LU. We have an array of products which are pre-eminent in the branded biscuit business both in Pakistan and abroad. Our unrivalled portfolio of brands has been meeting consumer...
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