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Executive Summary

Who else wants healthy and beautiful hair? The Bangladeshi women traditionally use coconut, mustard and herbal oil to their hair. Using oil makes hair strong, silky and looks good. The market is served by some companies with their renowned brands such as Lalbag Haas Marka Narikel Tel, Jui, Parachute, Keya hair oil etc.

This is a highly attractive market. Garnier has decided to launch new hair oil in the market that will make the hair dandruff free and reduce hair loss. This new product will be launched under the new brand Jadu hare care solution. Jadu will be the ultimate solution for your health and dry hear.

Only we will try to realize the need of your hair and offers total care to the perfumed non-coconut oil users. Jadu will be the best quality refined coconut oil that makes your hair naturally soft and healthy.

Current Market Situation

The total hair oil market in Bangladeshi is of Tk. 4200 million per year. The total market can be divided into three parts:

• Coconut oil

• Herbal oil

• Chemical Oil

The coconut oil market holds the TK. 3000 million and the rest of the market is captured by the herbal and chemical market.

The hair oil market is dominated by Jui coconut oil which is manufactured and marketed by Square Toiletries Ltd. The second position is hold by the Lalbag Haas Marka Narikel Tel. Parachute is assumed as the market challenger with a good growth rate and currently holding the 3rd place in the market. These are the major brands competing in the general hair oil market.

However, there are some other companies selling some special targeted market with their specialized hair oil sic as; Tibbet Kodur Tel, Himani Nabaratna oil, Gondhoraj Tel. These brands are specialized in keeping the head cool and make the hair strong and black.

Granier is the largest fast moving consumer goods manufacturer and marketer in Bangladesh. It has a huge number of product categories and a large number of product lines. It has successfully developed its distribution channel across the country.

The proposed hair oil named as Jadu hair care solution oil is positioned as the oil very effective in removing dandruff from hair, making the hair silky and reduces hair loss. This is chemical oil developed specially for removing dandruff. There is no existing oil in the market which is positioned on the anti dandruff image.

SWOT analysis of the proposed product:

Major Strengths:

• Jadu hair care solution oil is the only oil in the market these are effective in removing dandruff and reduce hair loss without using shampoo.

• The extension of the successful brand Jadu which has very good brand awareness among the targeted customers.

• The...
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