Product Placement Effectiveness

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Product placement Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Product placement is one of the marketing strategies used by the company to promote their products by not spending too much cost. This strategy seems to be more effective as it can attract the consumers’ attention unknowingly while they are enjoying their movies time, for example, rather than promoting the products commercially. Besides, it also can reach consumers in every level of age and provide positive and strong emotional feeling towards the advertised brand unconsciously, and then create an intention to buy the products. In addition, this type of marketing strategy needs the advertiser to be more creative in promoting brand or product so that the consumers or audiences will not get annoyed or boring with it. The product placement discussed in this article has also related in the current marketing issues such as; 1. How to make advertisements more interactive to be more effective 2. To use heavy, light, or no TV advertising versus online advertising In our opinion the initiative of the marketers to change from traditional strategies into more focusing on technological based strategies will enable them to reach their potential cutomers and will reduce their advertising cost. The marketers need to build confidence and an emotional connection to the customer in order to push them out from the past commercials. In order to make the product placement successful and meaningful, marketers should give means to consumers to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences on the company website. This method will eventually becomes a reason for the customers to participate and indirectly helps the company to generate ideas in determining the best means to do their product placement. Besides, the article also discussed a lot about advertising the products through movies, television and so on. However, they also cannot ignore the internet advertising that has growing rapidly in todays generation. This is because internet...
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