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  • Published : May 25, 2012
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REI Product Offerings
Fundamental of Marketing and Sales

Women’s Fleece Jacket
For this exercise, I chose a women’s Fleece jacket offered by both REI and its competitor, Patagonia. It is curious that in their catalogue, REI offers products, (clothing) designed and manufactured under the brand name of Patagonia. This can be viewed as industry confidence in REI’s ability to compete, or a respect for the quality of product produced by Patagonia. Similarly, in both stores, the Patagonia clothing offered by both are priced very closely, and in some cases at the same price point, (the Patagonia Jacket is priced at $149.00; the REI jacket is priced at $110.00). The specific item compared in this product category, the Fleece jacket, is similar in style; color; fabric; features, such as pockets, zippers; and comfort. Both jackets are available through their website store, and local store. Delivery Methods:

Customers of this product, purchased from either retailer have a choice of at least three(3) shipping methods; standard, 2-day shipping; on day express shipping; store pick-up; with free shipping for items purchased above $50.00. Marketing Strategy:

REI using a variety of avenues to reach their customers; including a membership, print, TV spots, email, affiliate programs, ecommerce, such as Google, Yahoo, and social networking sites, Facebook, twitter. In February of 2012, REI named it’s new Marketing Chief to oversee its new marketing strategy. “Outdoor gear and apparel retailer Recreational Equipment Inc. is moving senior vice president of merchandising Angela Owen into a new role as senior vice president of marketing.” (Stambor, 2012) This further demonstrates REI’s commitment to not only renewing its “Brand”, but working to win new customers, particularly among the young and internet savvy. ReI is currently listed in the TOP 500 Guide, “In print or online, the Top 500 Guide is the only authoritative ranking and the most comprehensive analysis of North...
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