Product Mix

Topics: Hamburger, Fast food, KFC Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: September 27, 2011
Product mix denotes product development, packaging, branding and research. McDonald’s has developed more products aside from its famous hamburger and fries. It introduced its Chicken McNuggets and Egg McMuffin which is a diversion from its typical burger and fries. In the United States, they also introduced their new product which is the McPizza. The packaging of the McPizza was a typical pizza box which established the pizza look for its consumer. To make consumers more familiar with their products, McDonald’s branded its products with the “Mc” prefix. This way, consumers can easily associate the product with McDonald’s and they can remember the product name easier. With regards to the McPizza, McDonald’s has spent many years researching about this product. Their research provided the proper equipment to cook pizza quickly to match McDonald’s profile of being a fast food chain. For Kentucky Fried Chicken, it is continually developing and introducing new products to the market. It has first introduced its Krushers, a blended drink with your favorite fruits or chocolates. What they introduced next is their Twister. It has three flavors which are Fish Twister, Cheesy Bacon Twister and California Maki Twister. Their latest product is the KFC Spoonfuls which are creamy desserts which are layered with chocolate, caramel and various fruits. Unlike McDonald’s they do not add any prefix or suffix to their product’s name. McDonald’s and KFC are very different in their branding. As stated earlier, McDonald’s added the “Mc” prefix in its products. Another is that Kentucky Fried Chicken continuously develops new products and releases it to the market. While for McDonald’s, it takes a long time before they promote new products. For McDonald’s, they should offer new products occasionally so as to prevent consumers to burnout on their products. With regards to KFC, they should produce products that are of consistent quality.
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