Product Line: Marlboro’s Cigatette by Philippe Morris

Topics: Smoking, Tobacco, Cigarettes Pages: 4 (1105 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Product Line: Marlboro’s cigatette by philippe morris

External (environmental) components :

Warning pictures and messages on the packages which are controlled by the governments.
Smoking bans in public areas
Positive and attractive portrayal of smoking cigarettes
The governments influence taxation, which in turn influences the cost of a packet of cigarettes
Problems with health that are a direct result of smoking
Restriction on smoking age

Biodegradable filters :

Explanation : The residue in the butts/filters contains toxic, soluble chemicals. These chemicals are deadly and add to the existing cocktail of environmental pollution. A lot of people just throw the filters on the ground after smoking their cigarettes, which makes the streets dirty and when it rains it will be carried to our harbors, beaches and rivers, which will have a harmful impact on our water quality.

Those reasons justify why we want to create biodegradable filters. However, after have made some research, we realize that it already exists. Green-buts already have launched natural biodegradable filters. They use them to grow wildflowers. “Simply collect your greenbutts in a planter instead of an ashtray and see them grow.”

Therefore, we decided not to focus on the filter itself to solve the filters’ environmental problem. The idea is to add to the selling of pack a small metallic box. The smoker will be allow to put the end of the cigarette into it and thus not pollute the street.

Upgrade : The company can organize a collect of those small boxes. The consumer that will bring back the greater number will receive a gain (for example free pack). In that manner, Marlboro could combine environmental and marketing campaign.

Cigarettes with smokes capturing capsules

Explanation : The smoke exhaled by someone else or emitted by the tip of a burning cigarette is called environmental tobacco smoke, and breathing It in is known as passive smoking....
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