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Malaysian Federal Roads System

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Tun Razak Highway (Federal route [pic]) runs from Segamat, Johor to Gambang, Pahang. [pic]
A direction signboard on Federal Route 3 inTerengganu, Malaysia Malaysian Federal Roads System (Malay: Sistem Laluan Persekutuan Malaysia), is the main national road network in Malaysia. All Federal Roads in Malaysia are under the purview of Ministry of Works (MOW). According to Minister's Function Act 1969, MOW responsible to plan, build and maintain all Federal Roads gazetted under the Federal Road Act 1959. However, most of the Federal roads' projects was built and maintained by the Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR) which are also one of the implementing agency under the MOW (with exception of Sabah and Sarawak, whereby JKR in these two states is under respective state government).

|Contents | |  [hide]  | |1 History | |2 Federal road standards | |2.1 Overview | |2.2 Type of federal roads and route number categories | |2.2.1 Main federal roads | |2.2.2 FELDA/FELCRA federal roads | |2.2.3 Industrial federal roads | |2.2.4 Institutional facilities federal roads | |2.3 Road design | |2.3.1 Rural | |2.3.2 Urban | |3 Malaysian federal roads as a part of Asian Highway Network | |4 Federal road maintenances | |5 Safety | |5.1 Speed limits | |5.2 Accidents | |5.2.1 List of accident-prone areas in Malaysian federal roads | |5.3 During festive seasons | |5.4 Natural hazards | |5.4.1 List of landslide-prone areas | |5.4.2 List of flash floods-prone areas | |6 Facilities on the Malaysian federal roads | |7 Interesting facts | |8 List of federal roads | |9 Useful links | |10 See also |


Most of the federal roads...
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