Product Life Cycle of Parle G

Topics: Economics, Marketing, Macroeconomics Pages: 4 (776 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Course Title: Quantitative Techniques for Business

Contact Hours: 24 hours

Course Objective:
Expose students to the application of basic Algebraic methods used in field of management. Introduction to the statistical methods and application in areas of research. Contents:
Session No| Content|
1.| Introduction to Statistics. Scope and Limitations. Data Collection and Presentation.| 2.| Measures of Central Tendency, Depression.|
3.| Measures of Association -Correlation, Simple and Rank Correlation. Regression.| 4.| Probability- Meaning and Importance, Condition Probability and Byes Theorem.| 5.| Probability Distribution- Poisson, Binomial, Uniform and Normal Distribution.| 6.| Sampling Tools and Sampling Distributions.|

7.| Multiple Correlation and Regression.|
8.| Determinants and Matrices- Cramer’s Rule, Linear Equations.| 9.| Calculus-Optimization through Maxima and Minima. Consumer’s surplus through Integration| 10.| Testing of Hypothesis-t-test, z-test, chi-square test| 11.| ANOVA- One Way & Two Way|

12.| Use of SPSS Package & Excel Sheet for statistics.| The 12 session will complete the conduct of classes, midterm test, case study presentation and submission of projects, all internal evaluation etc.


Course Title: Macro EconomicsCredits: 1
Contact Hours: 24 hours
Course Objectives:
The course is designed to familiarize the students with important Macro-Economic theories with a view to examine their relevant and efficacy with macro-economic policies. The working of the economy as a whole and a systematic understanding of the main macro-economic indicators, the factors involved in it and their interaction will also be analyzed in their course. Contents:

Session No.| Content|
1.| Nature, Content & Special Problem of Macro-Economics| 2.| Macro-Economic Concepts & Theories. Aggregate Supply & Demand,...
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