Product Launch Paper

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Product Launch Plan
Süßwasser Water Filtration System

Brown, L., Rayford, C., Ross, M., Smith, J., and Turner, V.
Professor William David Hawkins

Product Launch Plan
Product Launch Summary3
Product Description4
Product Positioning/Competition6
Marketing Needs9
Market Potential and Growth10
Marketing Objectives and Strategy14
Marketing Communication18
Distribution Strategy19
Financial Information20
Market Research21

Süßwasser is a German based corporation that provides premier high-end water treatment products for 25 years. Süßwasser is supplying a demand for eco-friendly water treatment products as well as adopting stringent environmental regulatory policies spurred new opportunities for developing countries. Süßwasser and Aqua Designs India (P) Ltd. is a joint venture mandated by the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) program set up by the Indian government. Product Launch Summary

Due to an increasing demand for clean water consumption, Süßwasser is the driving force to develop and market an efficient rainwater capturing system for urban and rural use. India was chosen as the target market because the water treatment market is expected to be driven by industrial growth and government initiatives to improve water supply and sanitation. Germany


Product Description
The product offering’s brand name is Süßwasser water filtration treatment system; it captures rain water and reuses it as potable water.

The water recovery system consists of three stage filtration process: * First filtration (microfiltration-activated carbon pellets and power) * Second filtration (reverse osmosis system-ion exchange electrode ionization) * Third filtration (anaerobic biological treatment – membrane technology)

And the equipment will be used in the agricultural environment. See diagram below:
The main and attractive features of this product offer are:| * Free-Low Maintenance * Tech Support * Latest Technology * Guaranteed and warranty 5 yrs. * Ease of use * Recyclable capabilities (captures and reuse) * High quality filtration system * Durable material * Sustainable treatment and waste system * Roof gutter runoff system * 1000, 2000, 3000 gallon storage tanks * Tubing/Piping * First filtration (microfiltration-activated carbon pellets and power) * Second filtration (reverse osmosis system-ion exchange electrode ionization) * Third filtration (anaerobic biological treatment - membrane) |

Product Positioning/Competition
Süßwasser’s has positioned the water filtration treatment system based on quality. This product is somewhat streamline to other water filtration treatment systems on the market. The product is made with the finest materials such as durable coated steel to sustain environmental distress and the system is priced competitively, but technological different than competitors. To gain competitive advantage, the manufacturer added an exclusive membrane filtration process, total quality management (TQM) control system to ensure craftsmanship during production, and a money back guarantee with five years of purchase warranty. This filtration process adds value. Even though the product offering has a competitive advantage over many competitors— contenders are aggressive in this market. The water treatment and water waste management industry have many key as well as niche market players divided into “end-use segments: industrial, municipal, residential, and commercial” (Global Industry Analyst, Inc., 2011, p. 1). These players partake in a domestic or “global market for water equipment and supplies” (p. 1). Listed below are several worldwide players:

Asahi Kasei Corporation
Aqua America Inc.
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